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We have approximately 100 cats and kittens of all colors, ages, and personalities looking for their forever homes at any given time. We take our adoption process very seriously because our goal is not to adopt out the highest number of cats, but to place each cat in a loving home where he or she will live for his or her entire life.

Our adoption counselors are experienced matchmakers, ready to suggest candidates for your ideal lifetime companion. They will also provide information to you on a variety of topics, such as nail trimming techniques, proper ways to dispense medication to a cat, and introducing your new cat to your home.

Adoption Hours

Saturdays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sundays 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Weekdays by appointment.

If you would like a weekday appointment, have general questions about adoption, or need help with a cat adopted from Good Mews, please email


Adoption Process
The adoption process may take 1 – 2 hours, so please plan on setting aside this block of time when you visit. You may submit your application to adopt a cat prior to your appointment. You only need one application for all of our animals. Once you submit an application, please visit our shelter so that we can help you select the perfect cat. We are unable to hold or otherwise promise a particular animal until you have visited our shelter in person.
*Good Mews has the right to refuse any applicant for any reason. All submitted surveys become the property of Good Mews.
Adoption Fees
Kittens – $125 or two-fur $200
Adults (less than 10 years) – $100
Seniors (10 years and older) – $50
Bonded Pairs (Buddy System) – We also have some cats that are very bonded and are required to be adopted together. In this case the adoption fee for a mandatory pair is the cost of a single adoption. This applies to adults and seniors only.

Adoption Discounts – There may be other adoption discounts available; be sure to check the Ongoing Programs and Promotions page for details.

Why do our adoption fees vary?
Although all of our residents are equally deserving of our mission to find good homes for good kitties, we know that some cats and kittens will be adopted more quickly than others. Kittens tend to need more medical care as they grow up and get ready for adoption. Additionally, we believe that senior cats thrive better in a home environment than the shelter, so we provide an incentive for adopting an older cat. We hope this reduced fee allows owners to have more funds to provide for their newly adopted pet. For all of these reasons, we have a higher adoption fee for kittens than adult cats, as well as further reducing the fee for senior cats. Since there is no time limit on how long a kitty can stay at our shelter, having variable fees allows those who are adopted quickly to provide a financial legacy to cats with special needs and/or those who may remain at the shelter longer.

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