why spay or neuter?

Spay & Neuters Reduce Future Over Population Euthanasias
Millions of cats and kittens are euthanized in the United States every year simple because there aren’t enough homes for all of them.

Spay & Neuters Promote Good Kitty Behavior
In addition to preventing more unwanted kittens, spaying and neutering your cat prevents many behavior problems that occur in unaltered pets, such as aggressiveness, marking or spraying in the house, and roaming to find a mate. When cats are less aggressive, the risk of transmitting FIV and rabies is also reduced.

Spay & Neuters Decrease the Chance of Cancer
The risk of mammary cancer is greatly reduced if you spay your pet before age one. Also, cancers of the reproductive organs are eliminated for both male and female cats.

Spay & Neuters Increase Your Pet’s Overall Health
Research shows that pets that are spayed/neutered live longer lives, which means you have more time to enjoy your pet.

Spay & Neuters Help the Community
Reducing the number of unclaimed pets helps communities spend less in animal control costs because they aren’t having to euthanize as often. Rabies is also a public health concern, so any chance to reduce the spread of rabies in the community is important.

Why Spay & Neuter at Good Mews?
Good Mews is proud to say that every cat is spayed or neutered before adoption. In an effort to do more for both the cats and the community, Good Mews now offers low-cost spay and neuter services to the general public. Our on-site veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Braver, has performed over 10,000 cat sterilizations, with over 5,000 performed on property at Good Mews.


What are the benefits of spaying my cat?
Benefits of spaying your female cat include:

  • No heat cycles (therefore males will not be attracted)
  • Less desire to roam (therefore less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents)
  • Reduced risk of mammary gland tumors
  • Reduced and/or eliminated risk of ovarian and/or uterine cancer (especially if done before the first heat cycle)
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens
    Helps cats live longer, healthier lives.

What are the benefits of neutering my cat?
Benefits of neutering your male cat include:

  • Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking
  • Less desire to roam (therefore less likely to be injured in fights or auto accidents)
  • Eliminates risk of testicular cancer
  • Decreases incidence of prostate disease
  • Reduces number of unwanted cats/kittens
  • Decreases aggressive behavior
  • Helps cats live longer, healthier lives

Will my pet’s behavior change?
Males tend to be less aggressive and are less likely to roam. Females are less likely to drive your neighbors crazy because they will no longer go into heat.

What if I have a question that is not addressed on this page? Please email spayneuter@goodmews.org for more information. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

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