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If you qualify for any of these special discounts, just mention it on your adoption application. You can also email us at any time for more information. Thank you for adopting from Good Mews!

Golden Companions
Research has shown the medical benefits of owning a pet, especially as we get older. They lower stress, lower blood pressure, and increase our happiness level. Everyone also knows that senior pets are hard to adopt than their kitten or young adult friends. They don’t want to play as much, preferring a nice lap to snuggle up in every day. Senior felines make a great match for senior humans!

To help encourage these adoptions, we are pleased to offer our Golden Companions program. If you are 65 or older, and you choose to adopt one of our senior felines, your adoption fee is waived!

Good Mews would like to thank the Doris Day Animal Foundation for the grant that makes this program possible.

The HALO (Home-at-Last Option) program was created to find permanent homes for a select group of our “special needs” cats. These cats are usually overlooked for adoption due to age, ongoing medical conditions, or behavioral issues. Good Mews will continue to provide the medical care (related to the condition specified in the contract) for these cats, and they will benefit from the individual attention and care that can only be given in a home environment.

Anyone interested in adopting a HALO cat must first be approved through the standard adoption process. Then the potential adopter must meet with the Shelter Manager to discuss the medical condition of the cat in detail—we want to make sure that the family knows what to expect with the cat. Finally, the adopter must sign the HALO adoption contract, which details what medical care is provided by Good Mews and what care the adopter is expected to provide.

If you see a cat in the HALO program and would like more information, please email our Shelter Manager for details.

Buddy System/Two-Fur-One
Kittens prefer a buddy. Our adoption fee for one kitten is $125, two-fur $200!

Occasionally, we also have bonded pairs which mean two particular cats must be adopted together. These cats are also two for the price of a single adoption. This applies to adults and seniors only. 

Promotions with 50% Discount on Adoption Fees

Community Heroes
All military (active and retired), police officers, fire fighters, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians are eligible. Thank you for your service to our community!

Loyal Adopters
People who have previously adopted from Good Mews.

Good Mews wouldn’t be the wonderful place it is without our hard-working volunteers!

Proof of eligibility is required at time of adoption. Only one promotion per household. Cannot be combined with any other promotion.

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