volunteer information and guidelines

Welcome to Good Mews and thank you for choosing to volunteer with our organization. Volunteers are one of the most valuable assets Good Mews has. Without you, we could not accomplish what we do.

Being a volunteer is a very rewarding endeavor. whether you are maintaining the cleanliness of the shelter, working on a fundraising event, petting a cat, or helping with adoptions, you are very important to us. Your volunteer efforts can have a huge impact on an animal who has never known love and friendship. Sometimes the impact is immediate, other times it takes a while to see the impact, but in either case, the result is very gratifying and uplifting.

General Volunteer Requirements

Good Mews requires that all volunteers be a minimum of 18 years of age (a special waiver may be available for some 16+ for some committees) or must be accompanied by a legal guardian who is at least 18 years old when performing a volunteer function. Specific volunteer opportunities may have other requirements about age (i.e. people who work beverage booths at festivals must be 21).

Please review the Good Mews Volunteer manual which includes important information.

ready to volunteer?

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