I have wanted to send you guys an update on my Lilly (formerly Lily) that I adopted in July of 2009. She was an extremely shy kitty with which I just absolutely fell in love. She joined her new, sister Pepper in our new apartment. After several weeks of working with her, she finally felt comfortable in her new home, though she would not let me touch her.

Then in September, our apartment was involved in the historic local flood. The kitty-babies were stranded for 36 hours before a friend rescued them. We relocated, and we had to start fresh with sweet Lilly.

Here we are nine years later. Lilly allows me to pet her if I am sitting down and she is on the floor. She readily gives me rubs and loves (in that position). She has started letting me pet her if we are both on the couch. She sleeps beside me on the couch, even touching me at times. She purrs when I pet her AND when I play with her. (It is so sweet!) With all of this, she still does not allow me to pick her up. If I try, she zooms right through my closing hands and I do not see her for hours. (Oh, well. Maybe one day.)

We had the BIGGEST breakthrough a few days ago. Lilly was standing beside me on the couch and she placed her front paws on my leg while I pet her. (I almost cried tears of joy!) Then she walked behind me to the other side of me and SHE WALKED ACROSS MY LAP! (Okay, I DID cry tears of joy!) She may become a lap cat yet!

Having a shy kitty is a very special blessing. Every time they take steps that indicate they are comfortable, it is a cause to rejoice. I would not trade this gorgeous, sweet, precious kitty for the world.

In the pictures, you will see Lilly, who has some Siamese markings, as well as her sister, Pepper. Lilly’s markings are perfectly symmetrical and have darkened even more since these pictures were taken. She has long, silky fur and the longest whiskers of any cat I have ever met. (If you have not figured it out, I simply adore her.)

Thank you so much for loving her as she was waiting for her forever mom to meet her. Thank you for ALL that you do.