Each month, in this limited-series feature, we will profile a board director and staff member of Good Mews to give you insight into the people behind the scenes who make the strategic decisions and carry out our mission on a daily basis, all in the interest of saving the lives of homeless cats and helping our community.





Lori Trahan has been a Good Mews volunteer for 20 years and currently serves as the president of the board of directors. She has seen many changes at Good Mews throughout two decades, the biggest being our move into our current facility.

What Lori loves most about her position on the board is helping to plot the direction of the organization and having an opportunity to plan for the next 20+ years. She also has a particular passion for disaster operations and enjoys deployments which help animals in crisis situations, such as hoarding or natural disasters. Lori serves as the chair of our disaster committee, keeping the team aware of potentially impending needs and educational opportunities in the area of disaster response.

When asked what she thinks makes Good Mews different, she says it’s, “…the passion every volunteer shows for the cats…and shows them the same amount of care and compassion they show the cats in their own homes. I’ve never seen that level of care in any other organization.”

One of her favorite moments to be a part of the Good Mews family was the day Good Mews made the move from our location on Sandtown to Johnson Ferry. She recalls the “cat train” shuttling cats from the old location to the new and, “…for three hours, all these cars drove back and forth, picking up and dropping off cats, catching and crating residents, and then helping them settle in with familiar faces when they arrived.”

Lori lives in Villa Rica with her own self-proclaimed “zoo” of cats and works at Kennesaw State University. Her favorite thing about cats is that they bring their people “presents.” Her cat, Toby, has two catnip cookies he enjoys bringing her and is her only cat who does this. “If I don’t praise him enough (usually because I‘m sleeping), he will also bring me his mustache or chicken and waffle toys. I end up with a bed full of gifts from Toby because I had the nerve to sleep through the first couple of presents. It makes me feel like he’s thanking me for loving him so much.”

director of operations

director of operations



Kendra Ledlow started out as a volunteer with Good Mews in 2016, medicating shelter residents. In 2017, she was hired as a feline care technician, then later promoted to the position of shelter manager. In 2020, the board advanced her to the position of director of operations as part of a strategic initiative to transition the board from an operational board to one of governance, to put Good Mews on a healthy path for future growth.

She is responsible for supervising the entire current staff, managing both employees as well as many volunteers and committee chairs on numerous committees which directly impact on-site shelter operations. Her duties include everything from working with our shelter veterinarian to determine the proper medical course of action for our residents and communicating that to staff and volunteers involved with their direct care to coordinating “rescue pulls” at metro municipal shelters in effort to save as many lives as possible.

Kendra is passionate about Good Mews and often even steps outside her official role to help with fundraising. She can also nearly always be found with her own bundle of foster kittens throughout kitten season.

Kendra’s favorite thing about Good Mews is the way each cat is treated as an individual and best efforts are made to accommodate the needs of every resident, whether those be medical, behavioral, or otherwise.

When asked what is her favorite thing about cats, Kendra says she admires “…their ability to love unconditionally…it’s an honor to be a recipient of love from hundreds of cats each year.”

Kendra lives in Acworth with Justin, her supportive husband of four years, and their two dogs and five cats.