Dear Good Mews,

Words cannot express how happy we are with our sweet kitties adopted from Good Mews on February 18, 2017. It’s been almost two years since Eliza, (now The Grey “Lady”), and Flannery, (now Mrs. Norris), came home with us. We honestly cannot imagine our lives without these wonderful fur babies.

Mrs. Norris is our athletic one; she LOVES to hunt, chase, and she insists on capturing the football players behind the TV set – LOL! Mrs. Norris likes to jump several feet straight up into the air for the unattainable laser pointer dot or to capture feather toys on a string.

The Grey Lady, or “Lady” for short, is very clingy, and wants to be with her human family ALL of the time. She cries if she cannot be with her people, and she purrs constantly, just like her foster Mama wrote about her when she was a kitten. Her purr is THE best! Lady always wants to be in your lap, and she purrs continually when she gets to cuddle with us (which is practically all the time).

I’m sending some pictures of Lady (formerly Eliza) & Mrs. Norris (formerly Flannery) as they were as kittens, juxtaposed with some pictures of them now. You can really see how they’ve grown in the Splitpics! Despite being beautiful cats, they are among the most giving, loving cat souls we’ve ever had the pleasure of having as family members.

Good Mews, thank you for what you do for every kitten and cat that comes across your path, and thank you for saving sweet “Eliza” & “Flannery” for us. We love them VERY much, and we are forever grateful for your amazing foster families and volunteers – thank you!


The Whitley Family