Hi, Good Mews! I am writing to share some pictures and an “update” on Clementine (now Callie). She has now been with me for 10 months. The month of May marked a turning point for my little shy, scaredy-cat. Callie is now rolling on her back for me to brush her. She chases a string of yarn every night around the house and under furniture after playtime with her toys of prey. She still has no idea what to do with a ball. The toy has to fly, or crawl or go under chairs for her to engage with it. She loves her treat after playing and thunders up the stairs to win the race. Sometimes she races back down and up again. She talks all the time now and is persistent if I don’t get what wants. She is sweet waking me up in the morning to “get breakfast” and watch the birds and lizards and flying bees from her eye-level windows in the sunroom. She chirps at most of the birds, but cackles at the nest of Woodpeckers. When she wants to go back upstairs, she purrs and rubs against my leg.

She is precious, but it is quite possible that no one else will ever see her out and about. Others must speak with her from her place under the bed. She can see anyone coming to the door from her perch on the window and she is GONE. Maybe, in another 9 months, she will trust a few other humans too! Thank you for all the love you give at Good Mews. Such a blessing for so many!