We rely on donations to be able to provide this critical population control and community health benefit. Please consider a donation to help support this service that greatly benefits those who are least able to afford it.

community cat program

What is a community cat?
Community cats are stray and feral cats who make the outdoors their home. Our Community Cat Program is in place to help the community. This is a life-saving program which allows community cats’ lives to be spared while addressing the overpopulation problem. Through TNVR (Trap-Neuter–Vaccinate-Return), we are able to effectively combat the problem of too many outside cats with the only proven humane alternative which is beneficial to community cats and humans.


Are you ready to trap a cat for surgery?
Email spayneuter@goodmews.org to schedule a surgery appointment date.

Request for Trapping Assistance


Surgery Day Arrival 
Spay and neuter surgeries are offered on-site at Good Mews Animal Foundation, located at 3805 Robinson Road, Marietta, GA, 30068. Arrival time on the day of your booked appointment is at 7:15 a.m. sharp. Pick-up is at 2:00 p.m. same-day.
Arrival location for both pick-up and drop-off is via the side entrance door, located on the left side of the main entrance.

For the safety of you, our staff and the cat, we ask you avoid moving the cat out of the trap once it is successfully caught, and cover the trap to minimize the overall stress of the cat. Due to safety reasons, we are not able to accept cats that arrive in anything except a humane cat trap. Can traps can be rented from Good Mews, for a $50 fully refundable deposit.


What is included in our standard TNVR surgery package? 
In addition to the spay/neuter surgery, the cat will receive: injectable pain medication, Rabies and FVRCP vaccines, subcutaneous fluids (to help with rehydration), and a small, surgical tattoo along with an ear tip.
If desired, additional services can be added for an additional cost. CLICK HERE to learn more about our additional services and costs.

Why do we ear tip and tattoo?
Ear tipping is where the top tip of a cat’s left ear is humanely removed while under anesthesia. This method is used to quickly identify a community cat that has already undergone the TNVR process and has been vaccinated. The tattoo is a small, green line on the cat’s belly. In case the ear tip is not obvious, the tattoo is a back-up measure to show that a cat has previously been altered.


Additional Resources
Humane Trapping Instructions for Community Cats
TNVR Educational Resources
Community Cat Disaster Preparedness



What does TNVR surgery cost? 
In our continued efforts to do good in the community, Good Mews covers 100% of the spay/neuter surgery costs for residents of Cobb County. For those that live outside of Cobb TNVR standard surgery package is $45.

What if I live outside of Cobb County and cannot afford the services?
Email spayneuter@goodmews.org if this applies to you. We may have grants in place to help those in need of financial aid.

Can I bring my owned/pet cat in for spay/neuter surgery?
Yes, but this is not the right place. CLICK HERE to be redirected to the right place on our website.


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