BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Tortoiseshell/Dilute Tortoiseshell
DOB: 07/2021
I am available for adoption
about me

Truffle ,Biscuit, and Ham came to Good Mews from Macon-Bibb AC with their mom Mocha when they were 5 ½ weeks old. Truffle is a very smart kitten. She doesn’t go where the action is – she IS the action. She will likely run toward you in the morning to say “hi” and she loves to be picked up and held. Truffle is a very sweet girl and will grow into a gorgeous cat with her distinct markings (note the cream-colored paws, one on each side). Truffle is the fastest kitten her foster mom has ever watched. She could outrun both siblings and sometimes her mom. She plays with abandon with wand toys, balls and mice and can climb a kitten tree in no time flat. She is the smallest of the three kittens with the biggest heart. Truffle loves her mom very much and would like to stay with her. Mocha and Truffle are a bonded pair so they must be adopted together!

Buddy System
buddy system

Truffle and Mocha are bonded and must be adopted together!

My Buddy’s Name is: Mocha