BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Tortoiseshell/Dilute Tortoiseshell
DOB: 01/2016
I am available for adoption
about me

Spencer came to GM after living in a home where there were too many cats to receive proper care. This pretty girl is not big on being held or picked up but she likes to be among other cats and the people she's grown to trust. She does allow and enjoy being petted. Spencer love to perch high on a cat tree so her new home would best suit her if it had some fun cat furniture. Spencer has some cholesterol deposits in her right eye which may be secondary to Feline Herpesvirus and cause occasional irritation. She just needs artificial tears to keep that eye lubricated and the adopter can supplement with lysine (an amino acid) in her wet food to keep her immune system boosted. Spencer really enjoys other kitties and is often seen cuddled up with one of her friends. She would really benefit from being adopted with another GM cat or into a home where another nice, cuddly cat loves. Spencer is a sweet girl and deserves a home of her own.