BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Orange/Red
DOB: 11/2017
I am available for adoption
about me

Ravi first came to Good Mews after transferring from Claws & Paws, a rescue group in Colombus, GA that has shut down. Ravi is an exceptionally sweet boy, who initially had a difficult time adjusting to shelter life. Our staff would check on him but he continued to hide underneath his bedding for hours at a time. Over time, he has come out of his shell a lot, and now is eager to show how affectionate and playful he is. Ravi loves to make new human friends, and tolerates (but doesn't love) new feline friends, so he can be adopted into a household that already has a cat, but it might take some time before Ravi warms to them. Good Mews staff has been treating Ravi for alopecia (hair loss) for a few months now. He is on a medication that suppresses his immune system which can help manage potential allergies. While his hair is slow to grow back, he is otherwise in good health, which he loves to show off as he runs up and down the halls of the shelter, happy to exercise. Just don't hold it against him if it looks like he isn't wearing any pants!