BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
DOB: 01/2020
I am available for adoption
about me

Porter transferred to us from Cobb Co Animal Services along with 36 other kitties. He arrived at that facility as a stray. Porter is an outgoing and adventurous guy but got off to a rough start with us as he did bite a staff member and volunteer. He really is a friendly dude, though, so we're slowly learning what triggers this defense mechanism. He seems more likely to get overstimulated and nip when you pet towards his hind end or tail. He will need a cat savvy owner who can read his body language. For example, he will plop over to ask for a belly rub, but this is a bit of a trap. However, it could be a good opportunity to play with a wand or feather toy instead of your hand! Porter does well with other cats and is very active and engaged around the shelter. Because this guy lived outside for the first years of his life, he is both FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and HW+ (Heartworm). FIV is a virus that makes kitty's immune systems a little less strong so sometimes they get upper respiratory sniffles or dental infections more often. This is not typically a big deal and we just want the adopter to get him to the vet sooner than later if showing signs of these issues. Heartworm disease in 80% of cats is cleared and they will not have long term effects. However, sometimes they do develop breathing issues or sudden death. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict this but we ask the adopter to monitor for labored breathing, open mouth breathing or coughing then get Porter to a vet ASAP if these symptoms occur. We know this is a lot to unpack for this handsome kitty, but we're optimistic once he's settled into his new home and knows the lay of the land that he will make an awesome friend to his adopter! We have him on a probiotic / calming supplement you can sprinkle in wet food which may help him adjust to his new home.

I am not good with children