BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
DOB: 10/2017
I am available for adoption
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Pepper transferred to us from another cat rescue that shut down. He is a true sweetie and lovable from the very start. Pepper loves to talk and pull you in by his paws to ask you to rub or scratch him. He purrs to thank you for obliging. Pepper coexists well with other kitties but will inform any that encroach upon his space to keep their distance. He recently had a few incisors removed during a dental cleaning and his sinuses were flushed at the same time due to chronic nasal discharge. This procedure seems to have helped him. His x-rays did show decreased bone on the right side of his sinuses which is probably due to persistent infection. The nasal flush and antibiotic therapy might have been curative or Pepper may occasionally have bouts of nasal discharge that require antibiotics from time to time. We have him on a medication to help keep the cartilage in his sinuses healthy.