Penny Lane
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/Blue/Silver
DOB: 09/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Penny Lane and her sister, Lucy, were adopted from Good Mews when they were kittens and had a nice home for a few years. Sadly, their adopter had a stroke and heart attack so their family had to bring them back to find a new family. The girls have been a bit sad and scared about these changes so are in need of a special sort of love. Penny Lane is more outgoing than Lucy and likes to play. She is able to convince her sister to set her worries aside and have some fun. Penny Lane is the snuggle queen and loves a good snuggle session. Because they've always been together, we don't want to separate these sisters now. Lucy and Penny Lane are a bonded pair so they must be adopted together!

Buddy System
buddy system

Penny Lane and Lucy are bonded and must be adopted together!

My Buddy’s Name is: Lucy