BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
DOB: 01/2008
I am available for adoption
about me

Muzzy came to us when his owner could no longer care for him due to their own medical issues. Muzzy is a persnickety older gentleman that has been known to cause the occasional ruckus around the shelter, but he truly is just on the search for love. He is a social cat that likes to see what is going on and really enjoys curling up in the lap of visitors or volunteers. He will let you pet him but does occasionally get overstimulated and warn with a nip. He is also very active and is often seen running through the shelter at top speed and climbing up cat trees. Because Muzzy isn't too fond of other cats, he would do best in a home all by himself. On stressful days, he has also been seen spraying in the shelter but we're optimistic this behavior will subside when he's not living with so many other cats. In the meantime, we do have him on 2 behavior meds to help reduce any anxiety, stress and/or aggression while with us here in the shelter. We are optimistic that once he finds a quiet home, where he is the only pet, his vet will eventually recommend weaning him off the meds. Muzzy had several teeth extracted in June 2022. We recommend annual dental exams to assess the need for additional care. He also has Hyperthyroidism which is a common condition in older cats. Muzzy takes a daily medication to keep this value in normal range. His current dose is stable but this value can be checked with his routine bloodwork at a regular vet or if you notice a major change in his weight and/or appetite.

I am not good with other cats
medical notes

Meds: Methimazole, Fluoxetine (Proxac), Gabapentin