BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Calico/Dilute Calico
DOB: 02/2017
I am available for adoption
about me

Maple came to Good Mews from Gordon Co Animal Control for a better chance at adoption. Maple is a fairly calm young cat, who seems to have outgrown most of the playfulness of her youth. Maple seems a bit unsure what to think about shelter life; the same goes for meeting new people. Maple isn't unfriendly, but seems cautious about whether she can trust new folks (if she begins flicking her tail about quickly, give her some space.) As of now, she may not be a good lap cat, but she would make a great windowsill companion. She seems content to find a perch where she can scope everything out. Maple is also very food-motivated, and she's been known to 'chow down' rather ravenously when served wet food. Of course, once she is in a loving home and has had time to adjust, she can turn into a big love-bug. We’ve seen it happen often enough once a kitty has left the shelter and is in a safe home. We are pretty optimistic the same will be with this beautiful girl.