Maggie Sue
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/Blue/Silver
DOB: 10/2009
I am available for adoption
My adoption fee has been paid by a generous donor
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Maggie Sue came to us after her owner passed away. Maggie Sue does have a heart murmur but it's an "innocent murmur" meaning that no heart disease was found. She does not need to see the cardiologist again unless her regular vet notices that the murmur has gotten louder. At the same time as her echocardiogram, she had an abdominal ultrasound which was also normal. So this gal has been checked out from head to tail and despite being a delicate older kitty, she's in pretty good shape. Maggie Sue had a couple of teeth extracted on intake which healed nicely, so we do recommend dental cleanings every 6 months for her to keep inflammation to a minimum and limit need for further extractions. Maggie Sue does occasionally get a little head shy or overstimulated and has been known to nip fingers and toes. She really doesn't mean any harm, but we think she'd do better in a home with older kids or only adults who are able to read her body language. She is VERY afraid of ceiling fans! Maggie Sue can be easily stressed by changes in her environment, but once comfortable is very sweet and outgoing. All of this aside, Maggie Sue likes to spend her day snuggled up in a cozy bed. She especially likes hidey holes or tents. To show her affection she will rub up against your legs and talk with her slightly raspy, but adorable meow. After losing her mama, Maggie Sue is hoping for another wonderful family!

I am not good with children