BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Tabico/Torbico
GENDER: Female
DOB: 06/2020
I am available for adoption
about me

Lena and Lulu had an interesting life! They lived in Jefferson Parish in Louisiana and somehow got to the animal shelter there. Then Hurricane Laura was coming in and the Good Mews Rescue Squad drove seven hours each way to save them from the storm! Lulu and Lena love and depend on each other. Lena is more reserved and will climb to the top of the cat tree to observe. She cautiously explores but is also very curious. New toys, sounds and people’s movements will be investigated. Lena loves being brushed and plays at 110mph. Balls, mice and wand toys are equally entertaining to her. She is also a ventriloquist. She can have the catnip sock in her mouth while loudly meowing. Lena will eventually seek you out to cuddle and be pet because she really wants human contact. Chin scratches are the BEST. When Lulu is in a different room, Lena will call for her and her sister will come to check what’s up. Lena has a very symmetrical pattern below her chin that looks like a Racoon’s mask. Lena had pneumonia soon after she arrived and though she fully recovered, there is a little bit of scarring in one of her lungs from the infection. This might always show up on future x-rays, but we expect her to live a normal and happy life! Lena and Lulu are a bonded pair, so they must be adopted together!

Buddy System
buddy system

Lena and Lulu are bonded and must be adopted together!

My Buddy’s Name is: Lulu