BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
DOB: 03/2020
I am available for adoption
about me

Julie came to us via our Community Cat Program. She and her siblings lived behind the shopping center diagonally across the street from Good Mews. Of her 3 siblings, Miss Julie was most difficult to trap. She is very savvy, and it took several attempts before some TNR volunteers finally trapped her in June 2021. Unfortunately, a few months after her siblings were neutered/spayed, they moved to another colony. Luckily one new friend, Alexis, came along to keep Julie company. And Alexis had some kittens which got adopted through Good Mews as well. Unlike Julie, she is still preferring the outdoor life. In the Fall of 2021, Julie started showing signs that she was becoming comfortable with her caretakers who had set-up a shelter and feeding station for her. She was quite talkative and strutted around with her tail held high and vibrating. Over time she would sniff hands and kept getting closer until the caretakers were to pet her. Also, she would rub all over their legs while they prepared their food, and let them pick her up from a sitting position as long as it wasn't too long. She seemed to want the attention more than the food most of the time. Her caretaker brought her home to foster for a few weeks until an intake appointment opened. She is shy but once you earn her trust, she really blossoms and will want a lot of affection. She does like to play but can get overstimulated and a bit rough giving a love nip here and there. Julie never had toys or played until a few weeks before arriving at Good Mews, so the idea of play is still new to her! Julie is very particular about thoroughly covering everything, so a bigger litter box is probably preferred. Despite all this progress, Julie needs a quiet home with experienced cat people who will give her time to settle in. Young kids might be a bit much for Julie at this time. She likes other cats, but she has no experience with dogs.