BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Orange/White
DOB: 01/2016
I am available for adoption
about me

Goldie was surrendered to us from a situation where there were too many cats for the owner to care for properly. Initially, Goldie was nervous in a new setting and preferred to hide herself like she had an "invisibility clock". However, she's fast becoming more comfortable and can be extremely sweet and loving, but too much commotion and sounds seem to send her off to hiding again. Goldie has a few ways of showing she's happy and that she wants attention: she may softly meow at you while making eye contact; will stretch her front or back legs a lot; walk around you with her tail up; and she also seems to be a social eater. You may need to make the first move with Goldie, as she's likely to hide until a human initiates contact, but it doesn't take long at all to see her true, "golden" personality. Goldie is a gentle girl and she will make a wonderful companion for someone.