BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/White
DOB: 02/2015
I am available for adoption
about me

Frank transferred to us from Claws & Paws for a better chance at adoption. Frank was initially quite withdrawn and self-isolating when he first came to our shelter. Even when given the chance to intermingle with the cats from his previous rescue group, he seemed uninterested and nervous. Possibly related to this behavior was severe dental issues that Frank had. Although dental disease was common for many cats from the C & P rescue, Frank's was amongst the worst. Frank recently had a dental cleaning and extractions. As his mouth has been healing, he has begun to act like a much different cat! Now Frank is often walking around with his tail up, softly meowing at you, and trying to escape from his private suite! He seems very anxious to explore new areas of the shelter and perhaps making new friends! He is still a bit of a shy guy and generally calm, but he appears to be feeling improved and more open with his true personality!