featured cat of the month
BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
GENDER: Female
DOB: 07/2015
I am available for adoption
Because I am a Featured Cat, my adoption fee is 50%
about me

Cleo is one of the sweetest, loving kitties we know. She has an easy-going personality and loves one-on-one attention but is not demanding about it. She loves to cuddle and be held and is always up for a spa day with lots of brushing. She has a gentle demeanor and will purr while you love on her and if you ask her for a kiss, she will gladly give you one on your forehead. But she understands sometimes her human has other things they need to do, so she is content taking long naps on her own or watching the wildlife outside the window. She will also entertain herself with her favorite catnip toys.

Cleo had a wonderful home, but when her mom had to move in with a friend who had other animals, it seems that upset Cleo. She had a hard time transitioning and her mom had a busy job so was unable to spend enough time with her, so Cleo began inappropriate urination. We have not seen any evidence of her not using the litterbox here, but when she does find her new forever home, it is best that her family does a slow transition. She would probably never become best buddies with another cat but would do OK with one if they left her alone. But her ideal home would be where she would be a single kitty so she would get all the attention and love to herself.

One other great thing about Cleo is that she is in our Cat Pawsitive program and is doing a fabulous job! Most cats in the program are awarded treats when they perform their new skills, but Cleo prefers pets as her reward. Besides being super smart, we think one reason why she is doing so well is because she loves the quality time and attention from her favorite volunteer.

Cleo is going to make an outstanding companion for someone, so hopefully someone will come and meet her soon. She may act disinterested or shy when she first meets someone, but if they spend some time with her, she will quickly warm up. She just wants to make sure her attention is welcome. So if you are looking for a beautiful girl to greet you when you get home and someone that will love you unconditionally, no matter what, then maybe Cleo is the cat for you!