BREED: Domestic
COLOR: White
DOB: 05/2016
I am available for adoption
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Christie came to Good Mews after her human passed away. She lived her whole life in that home, so coming to the shelter was very scary and confusing for her. Christie had a hard time adjusting to shelter life at first, refusing to socialize with anyone. She was moved to the tech office for awhile so people could spend one-on-one time with her and that seemed to really help. At first, she wasn’t thrilled about it, but once she knew everyone loved her and just wanted to help, she started coming around. Once she was moved back into the main shelter, she was much for confident and secure in her surroundings. Christie has been with us awhile now and we have found she really loves people. If she seems someone walking down the hall, getting ready to go into the shelter, she will jump up on the bench beside the door and start meowing her greetings. When the person sits down, she starts purring and rubbing all over them. But her happiness is short-lived because other cats also want attention and will jump up to be petted. So Christie gets upset, hisses, and leaves. So obviously, Christie wants all the attention to herself, and we don’t blame her! We feel bad she can’t get all the love and attention she deserves. So we are hoping someone will come in soon and fall in love with this beautiful little snowball. She would make an excellent companion for someone just looking for a quiet, lovable friend. She would really love to be a single cat in her home, that way she doesn’t have to share her human. She would probably be OK with one other laid-back cat, as long as they let Christie have first dibs when it’s lap time.