BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
DOB: 01/2019
I am available for adoption
about me

Chili transferred to us from Cobb Co Animal Services. She is a nervous gal so she went to foster care for a few weeks to settle in so she knew it was a good thing to leave CCAS after being there since early September. It took a week or so until Chili decided it was okay for her foster mom to pet her, so she is going to need a patient adopter who is experienced with shy cats. Chili feels safest hiding under a bed or in a cozy spot. She initially runs to hide when you approach her but then comes out to meow and get pettings if you sit down on the floor and wait for her to approve of your presence. She loves wet food and is very vocal at mealtimes because she knows the good stuff is coming! She doesn't like being picked up and currently panics a bit if you try to restrain her for any reason. Chili is a sweet girl who is starting to feel more confident every day and is loving all the attention she is getting from volunteers. She enjoys being petted and talked to. She is a great listener and will be a loyal friend for life. She has never had a loving home before so with a little time and patience she will make an outstanding companion. She is looking forward to being papered and treated like a part of a family.