BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Orange/White
GENDER: Female
DOB: 01/2016
I am available for adoption
about me

Chastity transferred to us from another cat rescue that shut down. Chastity is a sweet gal who is doing okay in a shelter environment, but from past foster parent reports, we know she lets her true personality shine more when in a home. Chastity will follow you around from room-to-room, just because she likes you and wants to stay nearby. She enjoys curling up on a lap or on the bed next to you and will get in your face to give you nose kisses. Chastity has had some recurring skin issues; previously these were treated with periodic steroid injections, but we have not needed further treatment since her arrival and these lesions continue to improve. We recommend following up with a dermatologist if there is a relapse after adoption. Chastity prefers to drink from a moving-water fountain rather than a bowl, so we'd recommend her adopter obtain one for their home. Chasity is an adorable little lady that will make someone very happy. She gets along fine with the other kitties, but if you are looking for two, she would love to go home with her friend Catherine.