BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black
DOB: 06/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Bolt transferred to us from Claws and Paws for a better chance at adoption. Bolt is a timid cat and needs some time to warm up so we sent him to foster care for a bit to settle in. He spent 5 days mostly seeking refuge in his bed before feeling safe around his foster mom and then another week to leave the safe room to explore other parts of the house. He has learned to play with a wand toy, preferring to play with a human rather than by himself. Unfamiliar noises, even if they aren’t loud, scare him. He will probably mellow out a lot, once he trusts his human. Bolt has blossomed even more since returning to the shelter environment. He is not lovey dovey with the other kitties and enjoys his personal space at time, but we do think that having friends is making him braver. Bolt LOVES to be pet, showing you exactly where he wants the scratches. He’s sweet and never scratches or bites, except for a love nip after a looong pet session. He isn’t a lap cat, nor does he like to be held. Bolt will appreciate a patient adopter that is willing to let him take things slow and steady but then will reward you with friendship!