BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Black/White
DOB: 11/2018
I am available for adoption
about me

Bessie and her kittens were living outside when a nice family trapped them and brought them indoors. They reached out to Good Mews and when space opened up, they came here to find their forever families. Bessie had 4 adorable “cow kittens” and they were all adopted together! Bessie wasn’t as social as her kittens so when she first arrived, she was pretty shy and kept to herself. She gradually started coming out and eventually we started seeing her all around the shelter-lounging in cat beds and sitting in the windows, watching wildlife. And she even started letting people slowly pet her. Her sweet personality won her a home, but sadly, the adopter was allergic to her so he had to return her. But it was great for her to be in a home, even for a short time because we learned that she did very well and enjoyed pets and was OK with being held for short periods of time. It did take her a few days to warm up, but once she was comfortable, he said she was a wonderful companion. She loved exploring his apt. and playing with her toys. Bessie is a very sweet girl that deserves a wonderful family!