BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/White
DOB: 04/2019
I am available for adoption
about me

Barnaby first came to GM from Floyd County PAWS for a better chance at adoption. Barnaby looks a bit like a stuffed toy version of a cat; his coat is incredibly clean, well-kept, and soft, and he has a very photogenic face. Barnaby is also a very polite and friendly boy, who is mostly content to laze around on a cat tree. He loves it if you approach him with treats or wet food, or even just pets! Barnaby is a lap cat, but the other cats intimidate him a bit so he may shy away when there's too much commotion in the shelter. He'll let you know he trusts you by rolling over on his side while purring and making eye contact. Barnaby has an irregularity with his heart; he recently had an echocardiogram done, revealing left ventricular outflow obstruction (LVOT), basically meaning his heart has to work harder to pump. A recheck echocardiogram is recommended in December 2022.