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BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Gray/White
DOB: 06/2011
I am available for adoption
Because I am a Featured Cat, my adoption fee is 50%
I am in the Kitty Keeper program
about me

Archibald came to us when his owner passed away. His previous dad found him in their yard when he was a kitten and loved him his whole life. "Archie" was really attached to his dad and has been slow to adjust in his absence. The name Archibald means genuine and brave or bold. Archie takes a minute to trust you, but all he wants is the chance to love his special person with all his heart. Once he knows that he is safe and loved, his love will truly be genuine, and he will be forever grateful. When he arrived, Archibald was found to be diabetic and had severe dental disease. He had several teeth extracted and after a few weeks of insulin and diet control, we are happy to report that he quickly went into remission. Archibald's prognosis to remain in remission for years and possibly lifelong is excellent as long as he is fed an appropriate canned diet twice daily. We do not recommend dry food for him...we tried this and his diabetes came back so he failed that test! We also recommend that Archie has a dental exam every 6 months to monitor the need for more extractions. Archie is a persnickety guy that really likes to be around people and will talk to you, enjoy pets and be your friend but sometimes he is just done with those interactions and may give a love nip or simply recoil away from you. If he doesn't feel safe, then his boldness shows thru with a warning swat. Most of the day he can be found snoozing in a cozy bed or enjoying the sunshine from a nearby window. He interacts well with other kitties. If you're looking for 2 cats, he used to live in the same home as Guillermo. Special Diet: Purina True Nature (fish varieties)