BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Tabico/Torbico
DOB: 02/2016
I am available for adoption
about me

Angel came to us when her father passed away and the family members could not care for her. We loved her name because her dad is now her guardian angel. Because of this and her other-worldly presence, we also lovingly refer to her as "our little alien kitty" as Angel has some unique features. She has malformed feet due to a condition called Syndactyly which means she was born with some of her toes fused together. We have Angel on a supplement to keep her joints lubricated and help prevent arthritis as she ages. She also has intermittent swelling or ulcers on her footpads which is called Pododermatitis or "Pillow Foot". Because of both of these conditions, she walks a little bit funny but gets around and up/down cat trees and furniture just fine. You'll actually find that Angel is quite a skilled climber! She is on an antibiotic (Doxycycline) which we'd like her to continue at least through the end of June then she can be re-evaluated with her new veterinarian as to whether it's necessary to continue. Angel also has bilateral facial nerve paralysis. This results in her inability to blink normally and limited sensation /movement to her face. Her vision is not affected, and she saw a neurologist who said this is another thing that she was just born with and should not progress. She only blinks with her 3rd eyelid which makes her look kind of like a lizard at times. We have her on an eye lubricant to make sure her eyes don't get too dry. Angel is a chatty and outgoing girl that loves attention. She really just wants a person to call her own and we think this "alien" was sent to Earth to spread love. She's doing a great job of that goal as everyone at Good Mews is completely in love with this sweetie -- and we know there is a special family out there for her as well!

medical notes

Meds-Optixcare (aka Artificial Tears), Cosequin, Doxycycline