BREED: Domestic
COLOR: Brown
GENDER: Female
DOB: 02/2008
I am available for adoption
about me

Agatha transferred to us from Claws & Paws for a better chance at adoption. She actually was part of a group of cats living outside with that group, so she was a pretty scrappy gal when we first met her. Due to her age, Agatha had severe dental disease when she arrived with us and actually only had 2 teeth remaining, which we removed during her dental cleaning. Despite that, she had a lot of tooth remnants and retained roots buried in her gums, so our veterinarian was able to remove those to give Agatha a better sense of comfort and less inflammation in the future. To help Agatha stay healthy, we are giving 1x weekly B-12 injections while she is in our care. Agatha's new family can speak with their veterinarian about continuing. Named after the famous author, Agatha Christie, this girl clearly has a lot of stories to tell with all that she's been through in life. At this point, the only mystery she wants to solve is who will be her adopter!? She is a sweet, purring and head-butting machine. Agatha loves full body rubs and gentle brushing of her long hair, though, she will tell you when she thinks she looks good and enough's enough. This senior lady really deserves so much love and a person to make her remaining years the best yet!