barn cat program (working cats)

The Good Mews Barn Cat Program aims to provide a new home for adult cats that may be difficult to place as indoor pets. These cats are typically strays that are feral, semi-feral, or have had limited interaction with humans.

The program works by relocating outdoor cats to agricultural properties, warehouses, and workshops where they can receive proper care. These cats are hard workers and help to control the rodent population naturally. They enjoy the freedom of outdoor sheltered life and can choose to have as little or as much human contact as they prefer. While they may take some time to warm up to their caretakers, they will eventually come to love their job and may even develop affection for their human companions.

Even though barn cats will live outside, they will require a few amenities, provided by you:

  • Fresh food and water, refreshed daily
  • Outdoor shelter to hide from predators and inclement weather

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