Introducing a New Cat
This document provides tips on introducing a new cat into your household. It includes information on cat to cat and cat to dog introductions.

Litter Box Problems
This document includes suggestions to help kitties who have stopped using the litter box. It provides a series of questions to guide owners to probable causes and possible remedies for this problem.

Allergies to Cats
This document provides factual information about allergies to cats and what to do at the first sign of an allergic reaction. There are also tips on housekeeping procedures to minimize fur around the house.

Outdoor Cats
This document provides information about outdoor cats and colonies. It includes information about the time commitment, trap/neuter/release suggestions and information on how to provide a safe environment for your colony. It also provides guidance for when you may be attempting to tame a feral kitty.

Pregnancy—Cats & Babies
This document dispels myths about having to get rid of your cat if you are pregnant or have a new baby at home. It provides tips on avoiding Toxoplasmosis, preparing kitty for your new human arrival, and how to introduce baby and cat for a smooth transition.

Resource List for Adopters
This document is a list of books, websites, and veterinarians that cat guardians may find helpful in understanding the feline family member.

Moving with Your Cat
This document is full of recommendations for making a move with your kitty (whether across town or across country) as safe and uneventful for you both as possible!

Beating Boredom
This document provides tips for keeping your indoor kitty mentally stimulated and active. It includes easy to create games that are sure to attract your cat’s fancy.

Cat Supply Checklist
Considering adopting a new cat? Here’s a list of all the items Good Mews recommends to help make the introduction of your new cat to your home a success!

Winter Holiday Hazards for Pets
This document contains information that every pet guardian needs to know to keep their cat safe during the winter holidays.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Considering adopted an FIV positive cat and want to learn more about the virus? This document contains the latest information about the disease. Also, read this second article on Squelching the Rumors about FIV to learn the truth about some of the most prevalent FIV myths.

Disaster Preparedness
This website provides tips and resources for including your pets in your family disaster preparedness plans.

Lost Pet tips, tricks and resources
Is your pet missing? Here are some general search tips to help bring your pet home safely.

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